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Stories based on The Ponderosa series


It’s The Thought That Counts
                Rated G

                Synopsis:  What are the boys up to ;  should Ben turn a blind eye, after all it is Christmas.

Home of the Eagle
                Rated G

                Synopsis:  The Cartwright family arrive in Pueblos de las Ponderosas. 
               But the year is 1846 and events separate them and bring tragedy.

A New Beginning                
                Rated PG

                Synopsis:  A sequel to Home of the Eagle.  The Cartrights settle into Eagle Station and the town
                starts to grow, but the defeated Mexicans have other plans.

A Tangled Web                
                Rated G

                Synopsis:  The third in the trilogy.

                Adam desperately wants his father to consider him a man, but they have different ideas on what
               makes a man.

The Culprit                
              Rated G
              Synopsis:  The store room door is open and racoons have destroyed the stores, who i s
               responsible?  Ben attempts to solve the mysetery.

                Rated G

                Synopsis:  I always thought that there was a scene missing in this show.  After the vigilantes
               leave.  What did Ben say to Adam when he finished their little talk?

Winter Sport  
Rating G

                Synopsis:  Adam uses his engineering and wood working skills to build something.  And the
               term boys will be boys, can be applied to all the Cartwrights.

Wagon Wheels
                 Rated G
Synopsis:  My answer to the January 2005 challenge picture from the pilot episode.  What is
               Adam building and where did he find the materials

Too Late
              Rated PG
             Synopsis:  An extra scene for the episode "Quarantine" from Jack's point of view.

Which Came First
             Rated PG
             Synopsis:  Adam thinks Joe's chores are easy until he has to do them and discovers that his
             dislike of chickens makes them harder than he expected.

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