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The Saga

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        Way back in 1996, before we had met in person, Pat Dumas and I began emailing each other and exchanging ideas and help for stories.  On one occasion, to help Pat get over a block, we emailed conversation as though it was actually taking place between two characters, with each of us taking a character.  This led to writing a story almost entirely in conversation, with characters reacting to each other as they would in real life, with neither of us knowing in advance what the other would write.
        Several years later we decided to take this concept, and the few emails we had retained, to write a novel length story.  That grew to two, and now to three.  The results can be seen in The Saga.  The first of the trilogy is entitled The New Hand (or sex in the Sierras), it is very much an x rated story so be warned, over 18's only.

Before reading the Saga, it helps if you have read The Impossible Dream and Pat's stories As Ye Sow and The Patriot Game.  email me at Vicki.christian@ntlworld.com for any of these.


The New Hand (A saga - first in a series)

Co-authored by Pat Thompson Dumas

  Rated: X

Synopsis:  If you are looking for a traditional Bonanza story line with a happy ending this isn't it!   Like life it has no ending, like life it has no plot, like life it has twists and turns that the characters aren't expecting and have to deal with.  It has 'real' situations and we hope 'real' characterisations.  A different sequel to the series, begun at the point where Adam was written out, and linked to both my stories and Pat Dumas's.  You will enjoy it more if you have read Impossible Dream and Pat's stories about Patrick since this follows The Patriot Game.  Written in an entirely different way, where each of us took characters and responded line for line as though it was a real situation with real conversations.  The plot wasn't planned, like real life it just developed from incidents that we chose as individuals to introduce.  Our only agreed plot line was that the ranch needed a book keeper.  Also like real life it has situations which some may find disturbing or not what they would expect from the Cartwrights. 

Duty Bound  (second part of the Saga)Co-authored by Pat Thompson Dumas 

                Rated X

                Synopsis:  Follow on from The New Hand, this chronicles the early years of Adam’s marriage and is written in the same style as New Hand, it has no plot and no happy ending, it as written as it happens, like life. 

Full Circle (the third part of the Saga) Co-authored with Pat Thompson Dumas 

                Rated X

                The continuing story of the Cartwright family after Adam returns to the Ponderosa with his family.
 Pastures New - Fourth part of the Saga,  with additional material by Pat Thompson Dumas

               Rated X

              All the Cartwrights have new challenges and new relationships to forge. Will Adam be satisfied with his new life, has Joe found happiness, will Hoss love again, and what of Ben is he too old to find love a fourth time. 



Oceans Apart - Fifth part of the Saga

           Rated X

                    With Adam and his family living on the other side of the Ocean how will the Cartwright family fare? 



 Troubled Times - Sixth part of the Saga

                   What will happen to the Cartwrights as we move toward the new century.  Available as a monthly serial - currently at chapter 14.  email to be added to the mailing list. 




Stories by Vicki Christian and Pat Thompson Dumas
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vicki.christian@ntlworld.com to read the whole Saga