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Adam's House

I thought it would be fun to try to build the house that is described in The Saga.  Kings Canyon Ranch as built by Adam is a figment of the imaginations of Pat Dumas and me.  That made it very difficult to build, because when we were describing it we made no allowance for whether the design was practical; much like the Ponderosa with the big room which could not possibly have bedrooms above it!

I started in November 2008 with several sheets of mdf and a story description.
The house is now pretty much complete and I will be adding the finished picutres shortly.

house structure back view
another view showing the chimney structure
hallway and lamp
kitchen from side

more pictures below.

I'd like to say this is all my own work, but I can't saw a straight line, so the cutouts were done by my son.  But then I reckon that Adam would have had Patrick to help out!

In order for the house to have 5 bedrooms, a kitchen and a study as described in The Saga, I needed to have a double house, that is one where the front and back are removable.  This meant that the structural integrity had to come from inside walls.  Needing a big open plan living area also posed a problem.  The final decision was to put a corridor down the upstairs length with pillars supporting it - the walls there were then put together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle or like a wine box interior, each slotting into the other.  The first 3 pictures show this.  The kitchen staircase was a ladder style backed with corrugated cardboard.  The lighting in the top hallway and all its furnishings had to be fixed before the whole thing was put together as once the ceilings went on it would be inaccessible.

Second row of pictures shows the rooms with floorboards laid and varnished.  Each board is laid individually.  The fireplaces are wired in, so that they light up, as are all the lamps shown. The wiring is run under floors or behind beams to keep the illusion of oil lamps. The rooms are all wallpapered, with the living room having a dado rail.  

the kitchen range
finished kitchen


wash house
Genny's sewing area on the landing

if you would like to see larger photos, email me

the wash house is a separate piece that slots on to the end of the house around one of the chimneys - the door when it is done will open on to the back porch by the kitchen

All the lighting is now finished and working - giving 24 lamps and fires which light up.

Finding furniture of the right period that also fits the spaces between fireplaces and doors etc is a major challenge but an enjoyable one.  Some pieces are not quite right yet and will be adapted as I go along.  Some may have to be built.  I have assumed that having lived in Boston for 5 years Adam and Genny would have brought a lot of their stylish furniture back with them and would not be using much of the hand made items that they might have had when first married.

wash house end of the property, completed
back wall removed to show curtains
back looking toward the washhouse door

More pictures

completed back view
north east end of the house

The back of the house is now complete, except for the roofing and the addition of a rose or climber around the back door, and the bucket that Katy drank from before she chased the bunny (See Duty Bound)

Both ends are complete, but there maybe additions to the yard.