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Oceans Apart - the fifth part of the saga, now available as a complete book - email vicki.christian@ntlworld.com for a copy

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The Unreachable Star - sequel to The Impossible Dream.  Adam's last three years at college bring an education in more ways than one!

Troubled Times - the sixth part in the saga is now available on a monthly basia - email to be added to the mailing list.

Stories in chronological order

Among Tall Trees
                 Rating PG

                After Inger's death Ben, Adam and baby Hoss journey west. 
               Adam makes a new friend and  the family find a new home.

The Solitary Way - two volumes

                Rating: PG

                Synopsis: The period of Adam Cartwright's life from Marie's arrival at the Ponderosa until after Joe's  birth.

 The Good Samaritan

                Rating: G

                Synopsis: Ben tries to teach a young Hoss the parable of 'The Good Samaritan' but Hoss turns the tables on him and
               Ben learns the real meaning of the story.

Sweet Caroline

                Rating: PG13

               Synopsis: First love can be painful in more ways than one. When Adam first begins to explore the world of girls and
               love the whole family find this out as they and he try to come to terms with his growing pains.

Hidden Talents

                Rating G

                Synopsis:  Hoss is having trouble at school and uses a boast of Adam's to help him out.  The boast threatens to have
               tragic consequences when Adam feels obliged to carry it through.

The Christmas Engine

                Rating G

                Synopsis:  Good little boys always get what they want for Christmas, even if Santa needs a  little help sometimes.


                Rating: PG

                Synopsis: The story of Marie and her relationship with Adam told in flashback.

 The Canoe Trip

                 Rating: G

                 Synopsis: Adam and his friend Ross decide to take a fishing trip, to Adam's dismay two little brothers manage to go
                along too. Of course with a mischievous six-year-old along the trip is not quite what Adam had planned.

Yard Chores
            Rated G
            Synopsis:  Little Joe finds out all about yard chores and his brothers wish he hadn't!

Hard Lessons

                Rating: PG13

                Synopsis: Follow up to Promises, deals with the aftermath of Marie's death.


                Rating: G

               Synopsis:  Adam reads a letter from Hoss that makes him realise how much he misses his brothers.  Hoss and Joe are
              missing their bossy older brother, he had his uses!  Ben is simply worried about his youngest sons who are MISSING.


 The Impossible Dream  -               
            Rated X

            Volume 1 -  The story of Adam’s first year in college, its highs and lows as he changes from boy to man. 

            Volume 2 - The Unreachable Star - in progress 

Special Bond

                Rating: G

                Synopsis: The bond between brothers and a boy and a horse. Set on Adam's return from college. 
               The first story I wrote of the adventures of the Cartwrights.

The Sermon

                Rating G

                Synopsis:  One Sunday, one sermon and four different people in the congregation.  What thoughts go through the 
               Cartwrights' heads as they listen (or not) to the preacher.

Talking Turkey
          Rated G
          Synopsis:  Joe cries wolf once too often, but his brothers help prove that this time he was telling
         the truth.

A Chill In The Air

                 Rating: G

                  Synopsis: Through their troubles the Cartwrights are gently reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

Crossing Swords

                Rating PG

                Synopsis:  Adam tried to get Joe out of trouble with Pa and Miss Jones but only succeeds in making trouble for himself.

Treasures in the Attic

                Rating G

                Synopsis:  Adam and Joe bring down some trunks from the attic and Pa relates a hundred year old  family story to
               amuse a bored Little Joe on a winter’s day.

The Gunpowder Plot

                Rating PG

                 Synopsis: A Snowy winter day and Joe hears another story of his older brothers’ misspent youth.

"Reflections" rated R
                Marie waits for her husband to come home and reflects on what might have been if they had not met in New Orleans.  (Warning for Marie fans - this is how I see her past based on the Episode The Stranger.  It may not suit your view.)

Snakes Alive

                Rating G

                Synopsis:  Third of the stories told on a winter’s day to amuse Joe.   A young Joe begs for a new story to while away
               another winter's afternoon. Ben responds by telling how a simple request for Adam to find Hoss a new pastime

               rebounds on him.


Pandora’s Box 

              Rating PG               
              Little Joe opens an old diary and jumps to conclusions way too fast.

Voice from the Past

              Rating: PG

              Synopsis: Ben falls in love with a mirror image of his first wife.


                Rating G

                Synopsis:  Joe and Adam plan on an afternoon at the summer picnic, unfortunately their    plans aren't compatible. 
               Hoss has plans too but he ought to know better than to listen to Joe   if he wants a quiet boys' afternoon!

The Alibi

                Rating PG

                Synopsis:  Joe and Mitch are in real trouble with the law.  But their alibi is one that neither is too keen to reveal to
               their parents.

A Clear Cut Case

                Rating PG

                Synopsis:  Joe defends a friend accused of murder when all the evidence is against him   

Unwillingly to School

                Rating G
               Synopsis:   The Cartwright boys are only too willing to help out the new schoolteacher.  This causes a little conflict
               between them but Adam and Joe learn that you should never jump to conclusions.        

Always There

                Rating G

                Synopsis; After a cave in at the mine Joe discovers that his older brother is always there for him, no matter
               what the circumstances.  (Published in the 1999 Convention Anthology)

Ripples on the Lake

                Rating G

                Synopsis;  Ben opposes a new railway to carry lumber to the mines because it means losing a piece of land that means
               a lot to him.   Will he re-think his attitude when he finds out who is to engineer the project.
              (Published in the 1999 Convention Anthology)

One Good Turn

                Rating PG

                Synopsis:  Trouble for the Cartwrights in San Francisco.  Ben finds out that deeds he did in his past come back to
               haunt him; fortunately it’s the good deeds that prove to be most useful. (Published in the 2002  Convention Anthology)

Lady in Waiting

                Rated G

                Synopsis:  A young lady invites the Cartwrights to her birthday party and then waits for the right man to ask her to dance.  But who is the right man?  (Published in the 2002 Convention anthology)

Through the Mist

                Rated G                 

                Synopsis:  The bond between brothers is strong, but is it as strong as Hoss believes.  
               (Published only in the 2005 Convention Anthology)

The Gift of Love
             Rated PG
             Synopsis:  Adam discovers that to love someone means to put their needs before your own. 

A Good Example
            Rated PG
            Synopsis:  Adam decides to set a good example with disasterous results.

Nine Tenths of the Law
           Rated PG
           Synopsis:  A trip to check on line shacks turns into a gun battle for Adam.

The Sailboat

                Rated G

                Synopsis:  On the eve of Joe’s wedding, the Cartwright boys spend a day at the lake,         
                talking over old times and the first time Adam and Hoss took Little Joe sailing.

The Road that Leads Me Home
               Rated PG
               Synopsis:  Adam is going home but what will he find when he gets there?

"The Flatpack" rated G
             A tongue in cheek story of what our favorite family might make of a modern day purchase.  Inspired by a fun day spent assembling flatpack furniture.  We imagined what the boys would have made of the less than explicit instructions.

 "The British Ally"..  rated G
           During the Civil War Ben is caught up in a range war for timber, can his new neighbour help him win, or is there another agenda.

"The Black Stallion" rated G
          A wild horse helps Adam and Joe come to a new understanding

"The Coffee Pot"  rated G
          The keeper of the coffee pot hears everything, as Ben learns.

"The Rabbit Drive" rated G
           The Rabbit Drive is a Native American Tradition but what happens when the Cartwright boys join in
"The Stagecaoch Whip" rated G
          Adam and Joe remember a wild stagecoach journey when they read of the death of the driver in the newspaper.

The Last Ace

                Rated PG

                Comparing the Cartwrights to the four suits of cards


                Rated PG

                A study in what grief feels like for one of the Cartwrights

Goldilocks and the Bear

                Rated G

                Adam reads the story of Goldilocks and the Bears to his young brothers (written as a prelude to a longer story which has never yet been written)

I Don’t Know what made me Say it.

                Rated PG

                We all say things in anger that we don’t mean and Adam is no exception

The Last Bullet

                Rated PG

                Can Adam’s caution and brotherly advice save Joe’s life?

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