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Welcome Bonanza Friends

 Last updated  January 10th 2017


BONANZA Fan Fiction by Vicki Christian

Come along and take a look at my stories about the Cartwright family and the Ponderosa Ranch. 


I have been writing Bonanza fan fiction since the series started in 1960 (UK air date), but only found the courage to let others read it from 1999, when I joined the internet community. where I found lots of Bonanza friends.  I like to have feedback and constructive criticism, and that is why I ask you to email for my stories. 


l. to r. Katy,Rosie, Ross, Beth

The Saga

A series of stories about what happened to the Cartwrights after the cameras stopped rolling.  These stories were written in collaboration with Pat Thompson Dumas.

Pictured above - maybe this is what Adam would have looked like at the start of Pastures New!  A possible picture of the children.

Adam's House

 Take a look at the house that Adam built for Genny at Kings Canyon.

Adam working on the shingles
the front of the house awaiting its siding

 Bonanza Memorabilia For Sale

Take a look at some of the Bonanza items I have for sale

Offers accepted - price plus p&p 




Bonanza Events

Click on the title to find out about Bonanza gatherings past and future.

Arthur and Merlin, March 2013, Merlin now without tail!

Cartwriters Magazine

Excerpts from Cartwriters Magazine




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